Monday, November 30, 2020

Ai Watercolor Weekend December 5, 2020



I made this barn scene card for the Art Impressions Watercolor Weekend. It's a pretty fast, easy one to do but the hard part for me was turning it into a shaker card. If you want to try this one, ink up the barn from the 4807 - Old Barn Set first in the brown Tombow 969 then in the Blue 565. Stamp it off, then stamp it on your watercolor paper or Bristol Smooth paper, as I used. Pull the color out of the lines then color the windows in with 933 on the bottom and 055 on the top. Use the fine tip of the green 177 pen to draw in your Christmas tree and wreath. Dab at them with a wet brush to smooth the lines. Use the fine tip of the red 856 pen to add dots and a bow. Use a ruler to add lines on the barn with the fine tip of the N95 pen. Use Molotow to draw in some snow where the tree is going to be and when it's dry, use the fir stamps from the 4960 - Fir Tree Set and the 177 pen to add branches. Dab at them with a wet brush. Stamp the little old couple inked in 565 from the 5380 Silhouettes Set on the scene.  Dab at them with a wet brush and add a little shadow under them using 565. Add shadows under the barn and tree.  Erase the Molotow and then use a little 565 to add shadows under the snow piles. Use 565 to add the sky. When it's dry, use the Signo Uni-ball white pigment ink pen to add snow drops everywhere. 

Supplies used: