Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Joy December 1, 2021



Did you guys see the Art Impressions tutorial by Kendra on Facebook yesterday? It was so fun and easy to follow along on this one. I used Nuvo Crystal Drops to add the snow.  Give this one a try. 

Supplies used:

5270 - Columns Set2.0 MM Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid Pump Marker4773 - Acrylic Block 5 Pack (Variety)WCBRUSH4 - WC Brush NO. 4WCBRUSH1 - WC Brush NO. 1Canson XL WC Paper PadWCPLT - Watercolor Palette5137 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 15138 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 2

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Merry Snowman


I watched Bonnie's wreath video on Facebook and saw her example like this so I gave it a try. Stamp the sled from the 5467 Snowmen Set inked in Tombow 565 and 969. Add a container from the 4870 Ornate Container Set inked in both 565 and 969 to the inside of the sled. Use the foliage from the 5472 Christmas Wreath set inked in 177 to create the tree.  Use the mini foliage from the 4867 Foliage Set 2 inked in 249 to make the wreath and add dots with the fine tip of the 847. Stamp the snowman from the 5467 set inked in 969 and 565 and stamp his arms in 969. Use Molotow to make the lines on his scarf then color the scarf, stripes on the pot, hat band and cheeks in the 847. His hat is colored in 177. His nose is 933. Use a pencil to make the string for the lights, then color in the bases with 177 and the lights with 847. Use some 565 to make the shadows. I'm making so much progress on my Christmas cards, hope you are as well!


4867 - WC Foliage Set 2 New4870 - WC Ornate Container Set2.0 MM Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid Pump MarkerWCBRUSH6 - WC Brush NO. 6Canson XL WC Paper PadWCPLT - Watercolor Palette5137 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 15138 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 25063 - Rectangle A2 Double Stitched Dies5065 - Oval Double Stitched DiesDB177 - Dual Brush Pen - 177 Dark JadeDB249 - Dual Brush Pen - 249 Hunter GreenDB565 - Dual Brush Pen - 565 Deep BlueDB969 - Dual Brush Pen - 969 ChocolateXyron - Mega Runner - Permanent Adhesive Tape Gun4773 - Acrylic Block 5 Pack (Variety)

Friday, November 19, 2021

Ai WW November 19, 2021



I love these new stamps from Art Impressions! The 5466 Lighthouse set has six different lighthouses. If you would like to make this card, stamp the lighthouse inked in both the Tombow 565 and 969. Stamp it off on watercolor paper first. Next ink up the cliff from the 5465 Cliffs set inked the same way and use a stamp positioner to stamp it under your lighthouse. Pull the color out of the lines, then color the lighthouse roofs and door in 969. Use the fine tip Tombow TwinTone in blue to darken the windows. Use 565 to add shadows. Use 027 to color the lines on the lighthouse. Stamp the tree from the 5372 Mini Foliage set inked in 027. Use the foliage from that set inked in 933 to add the leaves to the trees. Use the grass from that same set inked in 027. Shade the cliffs with 969 and 565. Use the stamp positioner to stamp the posts and the seagull from the 5473 Seagull set inked in both 969 and 565. Pull the color out of the lines then use 969 and 565 to color the posts and ropes. The seagulls beak is 933. Use 565, 526 and 346 to create the water. The beach is 992. The sky is colored with N35 and 565. Ink the set of three seagulls with the N35. Cut it out with the 5062 Rounded Rectangle Die set. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

Supplies used:

Thursday, November 18, 2021


I'm so in love with the new stamp set from Art Impressions 5472 Christmas Wreath Set! It's so great for quick yet lovely cards. I highly recommend it. The dies I used are from The Greetery, LLC. I don't know where the sentiment is from, sorry. Happy crafting!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New Ai Foundations November 16, 2021


Have you seen the brand new 5468 Foundations Teapots? I went with a Christmas theme and used the brand new 5472 Christmas Wreath Set to fill and decorate the teapots. I stuck with traditional red and green - my most favorite - but you could use whatever colors you want. To make this one, stamp the teapots inked in Memento London Fog ink. Stamp the foliage in 177 for some and 249 for others in all the teapots. The berries are stamped in 856. I used the fine tip of the 856 for the smaller berries. The pine cones are inked in 969 and the hearts and leaves on the two pots in the middle are from the teapots set. I used three different Tombow greens to color the pots, 312, 249 and 177. I used the 856 for the three pots in front. I used a pencil and a T-ruler to ad the line in back and the shiplap lines then I used 565 to shade them and in front of the pots. 

Supplies used:

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Brand New Ai Watering Cans Foundation

Have you seen the brand new 5469 Foundations Watering Cans? It's so cute and fun to decorate. I had to do this in a Christmas theme, too. I first stamped it with the pole being slanted which drove me crazy until I stamped another one using a Misti stamp platform. I stamped the main image with Memento London Fog ink. Add your flowers inked in Tombow 636 and 603. I used Flower Set 4052 but you could use whatever flowers you want. I used the Christmas Wreath Stamp set for the Christmas watering cans below. The foliage is inked in 249 and 177 and I used the 4051 Foliage Set. Color the pole with 969. Decorate the pots in whatever designs you can dream up. That's the fun part! I used three of the pot designs from the brand new 5468 Foundations Teapots Set. I used Tombows 228, 312, 565 and N52 to decorate the pots. I also used the fine tip of the Tombow TwinTone in blue for some of the details. The sky is done with the Tombow 312. That dragon fly is from Kendra Kreb's Exclusive Teapot Set colored in 636 and a little 228. I hope you give either one of these a try! The foundations are must haves!

Supplies used:
4051 - WC Foliage Set 14052 - WC Flower Set 1WCBRUSH4 - WC Brush NO. 4Canson XL WC Paper Pad4.0 MM Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid Pump Marker5137 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 15138 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 24773 - Acrylic Block 5 Pack (Variety)4774 - Stamp PositionerWCPLT - Watercolor Palette5062 - Rounded Rectangle A2 Double Stitched DiesNew MISTI Stamping Tool - The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented
TT42 - Twintone Marker - 42 Navy