Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ai Watercolor Weekend October 1, 2022



I'm so happy Autumn has arrived. I love everything about it. I hope you want to give this cute scene a try. You can do it fairly fast and use any containers, fillers and animal you have but if you want to make this one, start by stamping the fox from the 5016 Mini Critters set inked in Tombow 969. Cover him with a mask then stamp the pumpkin next to him from the 5426 Veggies set inked in the 969. Cover that with a mask so you can stamp the other pumpkin. Then stamp the basket from the 5059 Harvest Set in 969 and 565 behind the fox. Stamp the pot from the 4701 Clay Pot set inked in both 969 and 565. Pull the color out of the lines. Color the pumpkins with the 933, 993 and 947. The stems are 969 then use the fine point tip of the brown TwinTone to darken the stems. The fox is colored with 947, N25 and 969. Darken his eyes and nose with the brown TwinTone. The basket is colored with 312 and N25. Darken the nails with the fine tip of a gray pen. Stamp the flower from the 5264 Decorative Post Set inked in N52. Then use the large grass from the 4051 Foliage Set 1 inked in 312 inside the basket. Ink the vines from the 5474 Flower Set 5 in the 312 and stamp them on either side of the basket. Clean the stamp off then ink just the flowers in 993 and stamp them above the grass. Color the clay pot in N52 and the band in 312. Stamp the branch from that same set inked in 969. Stamp the flower in 947. Stamp the berries in 933 and their stems in 312. Color the sky with the N52. Stamp the small grass from the foliage Set 1 inked in 026 in front and pull the color out. Use the 5062 Rounded Corner Rectangles to cut it out along with background pieces. 

Supplies used:

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ai Watercolor Weekend Sep 17, 2022


I'm so in love with the brand new Art Impression's 5567 Victorian House and Barn Set. I've always loved barns and have renewed my love of barns by redecorating my dining room in a barn theme recently. If you don't have the 5561 Birds and Bugs set that comes with dies, you must get it! You know how you just feel you need a little something alive on your scene? These are so fun to color and add some dimension with foam tape! Bonnie Krebs, Owner/Creator of Ai has a tutorial on Facebook on the birds and bugs. Check it out. 

To make this card, first ink the barn and fence with the Tombow 565 and then the 969 and stamp it off on scratch paper before stamping it onto your watercolor paper. Pull the color out of the lines. Ink the flowers from the 5008 Flower Set 3 in 026 and stamp them in front of the fence posts. Then ink the foliage from the 5126 Foliage Set 4 in 947 and stamp them over the other flowers. Ink the tree from the 4808 Covered Bridge Mini Set in 969 and stamp it by the barn. Next use the foliage from the 4051 Foliage Set 1 inked in 3 colors, 993, 933 and 947 to make your leaves on the tree. Add water. Color the barn with 969 and 526. Create the windows with the fine tip of theTombow TwinTone pen. Use a pencil and ruler to make the lines on the white part of the barn. Use the Dr Ph Martin's white paint to add the exes on the barn doors. Ink the smallest foliage in the 4867 Foliage Set 2 in 947 to make the bushes by the barn. color the ground with 947 and 026. Color the sky with the 526. Don't forget your bird and butterfly and cut it out with the 5063 A2 Double Stitched Die Set. 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Simple yet beautiful! Sep 9, 2022



If you haven't tried this one, you must! So easy yet so beautiful and fun! Bonnie Krebs, Owner/Creator of Art Impressions did a tutorial on this one Wednesday. You have to get this set 5561 Birds and Bugs because it comes with the dies and the images are so perfect to add some dimension and something alive to your scenes! You need the bucket from the 5416 Vintage Car Set or any container and some flowers and grass, too. Have fun.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Ai Watercolor Weekend Sep 3, 2022



I made this Christmas card using the new 5013 Doors and Stockings Set from Art Impressions for my project for the Watercolor Weekend. I got the idea to add the lighted window above the door from a Christmas Card I saw on Pinterest so I used a ruler and drew the top part in with a pencil. So if you want to try this one, first ink the door using Tombow 969 then 565, stamp it off on scrap paper first, then stamp it on your watercolor paper. I wanted a light on both sides so I cleaned off the stamp, then used a positioner, inked up just the light and put it on the left side of the door. I used the siding from the 5019 Wall Texture Set inked in 565 but stamped it off first. The trees are from the 4960 Fir Trees Set. Ink up the trunks in the 969 and stamp them on either side. Use the branches inked in 249. Use a ruler to add lines to the door with 565. Color the portico with 158.  Color the windows and lights with 055 and 993. Color the light housings with N25. Color the door handle with 969. Use the foliage from the 5009 Mini Flower Set inked in 249 to create the wreath and garland. Use the 856 fine tip point to make the red berries. Use 856 to create the wreath bow. Use Dr Ph Martin's bleed proof paint to add the snow on the roof, trees and garland. Use 565 to create the shadows. The bunny from the 4874 Bunnies Set is inked with 565 and then colored with a little mix of 969 and 565. The ear and cheek are 803. Darken the eye and nose of the bunny with a black or grey fine tip pen. Cut it out with the 5063 A2 Double Stitched Dies.

Supplies used:

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