Friday, May 15, 2020

Ai Watercolor Weekend May 16, 2020


I hope you will check out my tutorial for this card on YouTube. Click here to see it. I plan to create tutorials at least twice a month for the Art Impressions Watercolor Weekend. Be sure to go to the Ai blog to get lots of inspiration from the Design Team on the first and third Saturday of every month. To create this card, first ink up the shop from the 5260 - WC Large Shops in brown 969 then in blue 565, stamp it off on scratch paper, then stamp it in the middle of your watercolor paper or Bristol Smooth paper which is what I prefer to use. It's more white and I love how the colors blend on it. Pull the color out of the lines, then use a mix of Tombow 379 and N45 to color in the flower boxes and the sign. Color the windows with 565 and make the lines on the awning. Color the roof, steps and door knob with the N45. Use 177 to ink up the tiny foliage from 5009 - WC Mini Flower Set and stamp it in the window boxes leaving room for the flowers. Dab at the leaves with a wet brush tip. Ink up the tiny dots from that same set in 636 and stamp the flowers in. Dab at them with the wet brush. Use 177 to color the door. Ink the boat from the 5057 - WC Boat Set in 969 and then 565. Use the 4774 - Stamp Positioner to stamp the little boat on the side of the house. Pull the color out of the lines, then color the bench and oars with N45. Use the 636 to make a line on the boat and use 177 to make another line at the top of the boat. Use 969 to ink up the tree from the 5010 - WC Tree Set 1and stamp it on the side of the house after you use post it tape to cover the roof of the house. Pull the color out of the lines then color more of the trunk with the 969. Ink the foliage in 177 and stamp it on the tree.  Pull the color out of the lines, then ink it up with the 173 and stamp it again. Then dab at the foliage with a wet brush. Ink up the grass from the 4051 - Foliage Set 1 in 177 and stamp it around the tree trunk and the house. Pull the color up and out. Color the walkway with 969. Color the ground with green 177. Use 526 to color the sky.  Use 565 to add the shadows on the ground, around the boat and under the flower boxes. Use a grey fine tip pen to write on the sign, draw in lines that were washed away or hard to see and sign your artwork.  Cut it out with the 5062 - Rounded Rectangle A2 die set.


  1. Love this card, going to watch the video and pin it on Pinterest

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!