Thursday, November 11, 2021

Ai New Release November 11, 2021



How exciting is it that there are brand new Art Impressions stamps coming out? I used the new 5470 Foundations Rocker for this card. There are three amazing new Foundations sets available. I love them and highly recommend them all! They build the entire scene and you just add the fun stuff like foliage, flowers, animals, or people. I added flowers and foliage for this fun Fall looking card. Stamp the foundation using Memento London Fog ink like I did, or use Tombow markers as Bonnie and Kendra do. I like to not lose the lines on the Foundations which can happen when you add water. Color the rocking chair, one pot and one birdhouse roof in with N45. Picking colors is also the fun part. Color the birds with 969 and 925. I used the fine point of the Tombow TwinTone in brown for the bird's eyes, beaks and feet. Color the birdhouses in 969 and 192. Darken the holes and poles with the fine tip of the blue Tombow TwinTone. Draw a line connecting the birdhouses to the pole. The orange flowers are from the Flower Set 4052 inked in 925. The purple flowers are the dots from that same set inked in 565. The olive flowers are from that same set using 076 and the flat olive ones are from the 4701 Clay Pot set inked in 076. The foliage is inked in 177 and it's from the 5126 Foliage Set 4. The branches are from the 4701 Clay Pot inked in 192. Color the pots in 924, 969 and 192. The sky is 565 and the shadows are also 565. I can't wait to see what all of the talented people on the Facebook group "The Art Impressions Way" do with these new sets! Look for it and join. You will be amazed by all of the talent in that group!

Supplies used: