Friday, August 6, 2021

Ai WW August 6, 2021


I saw something similar to this on Pinterest so I used my Ai stamps to recreate it. I LOVE owls and pumpkins so I'm pretty happy with it. If you would like to try this, stamp the pumpkin in the center from the 5426 Veggies set inked in Tombow 969 then make a mask and cover it. Next stamp the other pumpkin from that same stamp set on one side, and the pumpkin from the 5059 Harvest Set on the other side. Before removing the mask, using a stamp positioner stamp the barrel from the same set above the middle pumpkin inked in both 565 and 969. Stamp the owl from the 5425 Peeking Animals Set using 969 and a stamp positioner. Use a circle mask to cover where the moon is, then use a brush and a brown ink, fill in the background. I used a little N45 for the moon's shadows. Drip some water on the background, dry it with a paper towel and it will look like a few stars are out. Pull the color out of the lines and then watercolor the owl with N45, 969 and then color the eyes and beak with 026 - the coolest yellow ever! Definitely my favorite. When you add water to it - it's amazing! I used that same yellow on the grass from the 5059 Harvest set. I used that same yellow and the 969 for the flowers from the 4963 Fall Set and the branch is inked in 969 from the 4964 Branches set. I used the Tombow Twin Tone in brown on the stems of the pumpkins and the pumpkins were colored with 946 and 947. I used 969 and N45 on the barrel. I also used the N45 for the shadows under the pumpkins.  The little boo brad I had but I've no idea where I got it. I used the 5063 and 5065 Dies to cut out my papers. I always hope you try it and tag me. I love inspiring others as so many have inspired me. 

Supplies used:


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