Friday, September 3, 2021

Ai Watercolor Weekend September 3, 2021


I am so excited for Fall so I made another fall themed card using stamps from Art Impressions. If you want to make this, use a pencil to draw in your borders from the largest hexagon die 5135. Stamp the swing from the 5195 Swing Set inked in Tombow 969 then 565, after stamping it off on scratch paper. Stamp the pumpkin in the center from the 5426 Veggies Set inked in 969 then make a mask and cover it. Next, stamp the other pumpkin to one side. Stamp the other pumpkin from the 5059 Harvest Set. Stamp the basket from the Harvest set inked in both 565 and 969, cover the top with a post-it note, then stamp the apples inked in 969. Use a branch from the 4964 Branches Set inked in 969 to climb the post. Next stamp the leaves from the 5126 Foliage Set 4 inked in 933 and then stamp them again, inked in 993 so you get a nice mix of yellow and orange. Stamp the fox from the 5016 Mini Critter Set inked in 969. Pull the color out of the lines on everything, then color the swing cushions and stripes, barrel and one pumpkin in with my most favorite green/blue color, 312. Color one pumpkin and the fox with with 933. Darken the fox with 969 and be sure to darken the eyes, nose and ears and the pumpkin stems with the Twin Tone brown pen. Color the basket with 969. Color the apples with 837 leaving a white spot on each that you then color in with the 993. Color the leaves with 177. Darken the stems of the apples with the Twin Tone brown pen. Stamp the red flowers from the 4868 Flower Set 2 inked in 837. Stamp the yellow foliage from the 5126 Foliage Set 4 inked in 993. Stamp the foliage from the 5059 Harvest Set inked in 947. Use the grass from the 4051 Foliage Set 1 inked in 192 all around and then watercolor some in to cover the ground area. Use 565 to color in your sky and shadows. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw in the wire holding the swing.

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  1. Very cute Dot and good directions too. Think I have everything to try it. Thanks. Like all the color combinations.