Friday, April 16, 2021

Ai Watercolor Weekend 16, 2021


Hello All!

The theme for this Art Impression's Watercolor Weekend is to use containers. My three sons and three grandsons are all climbers so I had the idea of a little boy climbing up containers to see a nest. I took Bonnie Krebs', Ai's wonderful Owner/Creator's advice to stamp my containers on scratch paper, cut them out and use them to decide what scene I would like to make. This is what I came up with and let me tell you, it's probably the fastest I've ever come up with a scene! Give it a try. If you would like to make this, first stamp the 4875 Garden Wagon inked in the Tombow brown 969 then the blue 565, stamped off first on scratch paper, onto your slimline base piece of watercolor paper. I used Canson. Put some masking tape over the top of the wagon, ink the box from the 4871 Rustic Containers in the 969 then 565 and using your stamp positioner, stamp it in the wagon. Continue in the same way for the 4701 Clay Pot and the 4870 Ornate Container. Ink up the little boy in 969 and using the stamp positioner, place him in the pot. Ink up the nest from the 4872 Birds Set in the 969 and the 565 then using the stamp positioner, stamp it at eye level for your little boy. Using the branch from the 5010 Tree Set 1 inked in 969 and using the stamp positioner, stamp it around the nest. Pull the color out of the lines of the branch and then stamp in the leaves using the 4051 Foliage inked in 177. Color the eggs in 291. Use the Tombow TwinTone in brown and blue to add some darker lines around the eggs and in the nest. Next pull the color out of the lines of all of the containers and the little boy. Color the little boys hair in with 947. His face and arm and foot is colored with 850. His overalls are colored in 291. I added his eyelash with the brown Tombow TwinTone pen. His cuff, pockets and label is colored in 565 The pot under him is colored in 685 and the lines and shading is in 565. The flowers are from the 4052 Flower Set 1 inked in 565. The leaves are 177. The clay pot is colored in N45. The box is colored in 969 with the sides and opening darkened with 565. The wagon was colored in 177 and then 249 on just the outer sides. The tires are colored in N45. Use 565 for the shade on the wagon and under it. Stamp the tall greenery from the 4867 Foliage Set 2 inked in 177 for the tall purple flowers. The flowers are from the 4052 Flower Set 1 inked in the 685. Use the grass from the wagon set inked in 177 on the stems and 565 on the tops on either side of the wagon. Use some green on the palette for the ground cover. The sky is watercolored in with 526. I hope some of you give this a try and tag me in it. 

Supplies used: