Sunday, May 5, 2019

Watercolor Weekend May 4, 2019

Hello Friends,

I was inspired by my camping/fishing weekend in Utah to make a card for my son's birthday. I stamped the boat from the 5057 - WC Boat Set in both 86 African violet and brown 969 and then I pulled the color out of the lines.  Next I stamped the shed from the 5121 - WC Garden Shed Set again first using African violet and then the brown. After pulling the color out of the lines, I used the brown to color in the roof, shingles and door knob area. I used African violet to color the windows, add shade under the roof, on the door, and the water around the boat. I used the brown to watercolor the oars, the bench and the top of the boat. I used the brown to watercolor the ground on the other side of the boat and the walkway from the shed. I stamped the tree trunks from the 4960 - WC Fir Trees Set in brown, then I stamped in the branches using green 249. I  added 75 sky blue to the palette to color in the sky. I stamped the grass from the 4051 - WC Foliage Set 1 in with 27 olive brown. I stamped the tall grasses from the 5007 - WC Foliage Set 3  also in the olive brown. I stamped the flowers by the boat from the 4868 - WC Flower Set 2 using green 177 and orange 885 for the flowers. I stamped in the heart flowers by the cabin from the 4868 - WC Flower Set 2 in the same orange color. I cut out the picture and a background piece using the 5063 - Double Stitched Rectangle Dies. I used my Copic pen to sign and date it.

The birthday card below is the first card I made which I will give to my second son Chad and then I made the other version for the Art Impression's Watercolor Weekend blog post. Give it a try!

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