Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hummingbird Birdhouse

This is my interpretation of Art Impression's Creator Bonnie Krebs' Watercolor Wednesdays on YouTube .  I changed mine to have two pots and a birdhouse instead of three pots like Bonnie did.  I also changed two of the colors.

I realized after I completed the card that the birdhouse doesn't really fit since it's much too small for the bird so I decided to call it a hummingbird birdhouse.  I do have lots of hummingbirds in my back yard here in Las Vegas.  I keep two feeders full of sugar water year round and my hummingbirds never fly anywhere else for the winter.  One of my feeders is outside of my kitchen window and I get to see hummingbirds all the time.  I just love them, especially the brand new little baby ones.  I need the hummingbird stamp AI makes.  That would have made this card better.  Oh well, I still like it.  Hope you all do, too.

Check out Bonnie's YouTube video and try it yourself.  You will love how easy and fun these watercolor cards are to make.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

English Cottage

Watercolor Weekends Roundup for August 19, 2017
Hello Art Impressions watercolor fans,

I have never been to England but my craft room is decorated in the shabby chic style and we have always called it the "cottage" room.  I made this birthday card using the English Cottage from the AI Watercolor Series 6 Set 1 - 3497 for the bi-monthly Watercolor Weekends Roundup.  I made one similar to this one and framed it for my cottage room.

I've often wondered why I hadn't seen the little bridge stamp set which is included in Set 1 - 3497 used on any cards in the AI watercolor cards on Pinterest.  I've seen several with the big bridge, but none with the little bridge.  Just looking at other Pinterest AI watercolor cards can inspire me to create something new.  There are definitely tons of them out there.  You can follow my Pinterest board by clicking on this link.

Sometimes my best cards happen when I have to stop half way and go back to it later.  I love how this one turned out when I came back to it.  Maybe because it had dried completely?  I ended up stamping more leaves with olive green to my trees and then I added the flowers.  I added the shade to the water under the bridge and I made my Happy Birthday banner using my Brother label maker.

If you have made a card with the small bridge, please tag me @dotjiris in it so I can see how you used it.  I plan to use every one of my AI watercolor stamps again and again in different ways and colors. What other stamps do you get to use more than a few times?  Such a bargain for the money and super fun.  I seriously want them all!

I used these products from Art Impressions to make this birthday card:
AI Watercolor Series 6 Set 1 - 3497
The tree from the Old Barn Mini Set 4807
The leaves and the grass from the Foliage Set 1 - 4051
The ivy from the Foliage Set 2 - 4867
The flowers from the Flower Set 2 - 4868
Acrylic Blocks 4773

Marvy LePlume II Pens

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Watercolor Wednesday Tropical Veranda

Tropical Veranda

This is my interpretation of Art Impression's Creator Bonnie Krebs' Watercolor Wednesday tutorial yesterday on YouTube.  Click on the links to check out her awesome video.  You can find all of the links to the supplies she used listed under her tutorial.  I used a different container, changed out one of the flowers and two of the colors just to make mine look a little different.  You can do that with any of the videos since the Art Impressions Watercolor stamps all work together to make so many beautiful scenes!

Friday, August 4, 2017

I Love Barns!

My first card as a guest designer for Art Impressions

Close up of the water with the Distress Mosaic Glaze

Hello.  I'm so excited to show you the first card I made as a watercolor guest designer for my most favorite stamp company - Art Impressions.  For those of you who love their watercolor stamps and can't get enough of Bonnie's Watercolor Wednesday's on YouTube, Art Impressions will now have "Watercolor Weekends" on their blog twice a month.  I'm lucky enough to be one of their guest designers along with Tricia Kennedy and Tricia O'Bin.  Check them out by clicking on their names and be sure to follow them.

I really love barns and I think a quilt should be painted on all of them.  I love how Iowa, where my best friend Jamie lives, has a lot of barns with quilts painted on the barn sides or doors.  I'm also a quilter which is another reason why I love barns with quilts painted on them.

The Old Barn stamp set  is truly my most favorite of all of the Art Impressions watercolor stamps.  I have used it more than any other set except for the Foliage set 1 which is an absolute necessity if you are going to make these wonderful scenes.  I added the quilt to the barn stamp by using a ruler and a Micron Pigma Pen.  I used Marvy LePlume II Pens - 72 Pine Green, 45 Sepia, 15 Olive Green, 17 Steel Blue, 28 English Red, and 86 African Violet and Strathmore watercolor paper to watercolor this scene.  I added Distress Mosaic Glaze to the water to make it look wet.  I rounded all of the corners of my card and background papers using a corner rounder punch from Michael's, then used my tape runner to tape everything in place.

I gave away some of my "barn" cards and I have a few framed and placed around my house but I am beyond thrilled that the Art Impressions booth will have this card I made as an example at the future Scrapbook Expos.  Click here to see the schedule and maybe you can attend a watercolor class near you.  I'm still hoping to attend one myself!

My current favorite barn quilt but I have a pattern
so I can make one with barns with quilts on them.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Lovely View

Instagram Dotjiris

I really love that rustic looking window stamp set 4274 from Art Impressions so I made this card and used the Small Container set to add the pots of flowers.  My favorite color is red but my second favorite color is that light aqua color I put on the wooden window covers.  I also love to put animals of any kind in these scenes so I added a bird from the Birds set 4872.

If you haven't tried the Art Impressions watercolor stamps - you SHOULD!  They are so easy and all scaled to go together so the possibilities are endless.  I love creating new scenes by changing out the animals or some other parts or even just by using different colors.  There are new ones coming out soon and I can't wait to get them all!  I love laminating the cards that come with them and then the stamps just cling to them.  I store them in this awesome fridge container from Marshall's.  See below.

My Art Impressions stamps and Marvy LePlume Pens

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beach Cottage

Instagram dotjiris

I made this card using the Art Impressions watercolor stamp set 4606 Cottage by the Beach and Bonnie's favorite pens.   I get most of my supplies from the Art Impressions website.

Ever since I was a little girl (a long, long, time ago) I wanted to go to Hawaii.  I think it was from watching Elvis' Blue Hawaii that made me think it would be paradise.  I made it to my dream vacation thanks to our eldest son, Scott who bought us a package deal for our 25th wedding anniversary.  The place was on the island of Kauai and it truly was paradise!  I'm so grateful to Scott for that amazing week.

Anyway, every summer, I wish I could go back to Hawaii to explore another island and this beach cottage would be a lovely place to stay, wouldn't it?

Whale watching
Beautiful waterfalls
Watching the surfers until sunset

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Watercoloring Fun

Watercoloring Fun 

July 2017

I'm going to figure out this blog thing. Suggestions welcome.

I made this card using Art Impressions watercolor stamps.  They are the funnest, easiest, best stamps that all work together to make so many different scenes!  I learned how to use them watching Creator Bonnie Kreb's Watercolor Wednesday tutorials on YouTube.  Check them out.  So much fun!